Street Style Athleisure: Ollie Set

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Ollie is a two-piece set composed of: 1. jacket with puffed sleeves - a twist to the traditional jackets that we usually have 2. garterized shorts


Fabric: Brushed cotton

What is a brushed cotton fabric?

Brushed cotton is cotton that's finished with a brushing technique. The fabric is luxuriously smooth and cooler than most other types of cotton, yet still plenty warm. It's as soft as a lived-in t-shirt with the elegance of a premium material. In other words, it's cotton, but better. 

Brushing cotton creates raised fluffy fibre that traps air particles, thereby improving the insulation capacities of the fabric. 

Brushed cotton provides protection against wind chill, but it doesn’t make you feel overheated. 

ABOUT this Street Style Athleisure Collection

Street style made its debut in the fashion industry when manufacturing brands saw an unfulfilled niche for high fashion with the comfort factor.

Athleisure, on the other hand, is a casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.

Now that both—street style and athleisure—have made a name for themselves in the market, people are bogged down by a new dilemma. Which one to pick?

The answer is that there’s no one answer. You can mix and match to enjoy the best of both worlds!

This is MUM's take on the Street Style Athleisure Trend. 

Size guide (inches):


Size 1 Size 2
Chest 40 43


28.5 28.5



Size 1 Size 2
Waist 29 32
Length 14 14