Breastfeeding stories: Vini Ann Omarrementeria Elumba

Vini Ann Omarrementeria Elumba




I decided to breastfeed my second-born after having difficulty with milk allergies with my firstborn.

On the first night that Eli was home from the hospital, I noticed that he had fever.

The pediatrician said, maybe he was dehydrated since he doesn’t drink milk a lot, because he immediately sleeps after just a few sucks.

 He was a lazy sucker.

So instead of following what was taught, of waiting for a few months until I can pump, I immediately started pumping.

While trying to build my supply, my friend from Manila sent me her extra stash via plane for me to use for the time being.

Since I wanted to breastfeed him and not just give him a bottle of my milk, I made sure that when I arrived from work I would purely breastfeed him while the milk that I had pumped from work would be used for his stash in the next few days.

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