Breastfeeding stories: RUTH SALONGA-GONZALES


Former Flight Stewardess/SAHM/Breastfeeding Advocate


Flying is an amazing privilege. It’s fantastic, fun and exciting. And you get to travel both for work and leisure. But it does take a toll. It just depends on what you're willing to give up!

 The aircraft was my home for six years. Runways and airports were my playground and shopping mall.

 Traveling as much as I could, as far as I could, as long as I could, I used to believe that LIFE’S NOT MEANT TO BE LIVED IN ONE PLACE. I wouldn't trade my job for anything in the world.. and so does  MOTHERHOOD! I used to believe I can do both!

 But the lifestyle cost me a non-aviation relationship, a family that I love most, the milestones of my baby, a meaningful Christmas dinner with loved ones and a lot of bonding moments, the warmth, love and intimacy of a mom-and-baby relationship.

 In my last 2 years of flying, I struggled breast-pumping above 39,000 feet, inside the aircraft’s lavatory or in the flight crew bunk; even in numerous hotels during a layover; in crew buses; and wherever my flights would transport me just to save my milk stash to bring to my baby back home in the Philippines.

 And in these terrifying pandemic times, God really made all things work together for good, because this jetsetter mom, despite the seemingly glamorous image of her job, has given up the globetrotting lifestyle to become an exclusive, full-time, breastfeeding momma.

 Yes, my husband and I agreed that I quit my flying career to choose to be together and do what God authorizes us - to raise and nurture our kids with faith in Christ.

 Indeed, God has sustained me in every detail even before I asked for it. The Lord provides! Shalom!


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  • Jean Yap

    Great Mom who sacrificed a glamorous career for her family.

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