Breastfeeding stories: Nikka Infante

Nikka Infante

Former Banker, now Full-time Mommy / Mompreneur



Two days post-partum, I had low milk supply. Luckily, my nurse at that time was a breastfeeding advocate (Admin. of Breastfeeding Club Dumaguete). She helped me and gave me tips on how to boost my milk supply.

On the third day, my milk supply increased.

 When my baby was born, she had jaundice due to ABO incompatibility so she had to stay at the hospital for five days. For treatment, she had to be exposed to phototherapy for 24 hours straight. I had to stop her from her treatment from time to time so that I could feed her at least every two hours.

 The moment she’d fall asleep after feeding, I had to put her back immediately to her phototherapy to speed up her recovery.

 At that time, I could only hold my baby during feeding time. It was so heartbreaking.

 Two months post-partum, I had mastitis. My symptoms were the swelling of the affected breast and low-grade fever. I couldn't afford to be sick since I was the only one taking care of my baby (I have no yaya by choice) because my husband, who is a nurse, was working for two weeks straight.

 I had to be strong so that I could take care of my baby.

 I took warm baths, applied hot compress from time to time and massaged the affected breast while the baby was latching.

Two days after, I got better.

 Four months post-partum, my milk supply stabilized so I did not experience breast engorgement anymore.

 Five months post-partum, I was slowly getting ready for my baby's first solids. I decided to make homemade baby food and wanted to incorporate breast milk in it. Then it hit me, I had no milk stash!

 I was not catching my letdown from the start because I was too lazy to do so. I asked myself, if I start catching my letdown now, am I going to get some milk? I was so anxious that I couldn't get enough milk for my baby. I asked advice on what to do from my friends who were also breastfeeding mommies.

 I followed their advice and on my first try I got 30ml. I know it is not much but for me it was a lot! I got very emotional, I almost cried.

 My baby is now six months and sixteen days old. She is enjoying her solid food with mommy's breast milk. I am slowly building my stash for her. I will do anything for my baby girl.

 I am so lucky to have a husband who supports my breastfeeding journey. Support from family and friends is very important to get you through your breastfeeding struggles.



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