Breastfeeding stories: Melissa Thea Castro - Cordoviz

Melissa Thea Castro - Cordoviz

Arugaan-trained Breastfeeding Counselor & Lactation Massage Specialist, WAHM & Mompreneur.



They are the reasons to my breastfeeding journey.

Not everyone understood my commitment to my children but that didn't stop me from fulfilling what I have started.

I focused on the people who supported me and who kept me going. It was not easy but it was all worth it.

It was a few years ago when my youngest daughter was self-weaned, making it a milestone of roughly 16 years of nurturing through breastfeeding.

 I never imagined myself being a Breastfeeding Counselor after that but the Lord had it all figured out.

 Now I realize how important every support I had back then was because not everyone has them now. Appreciation note to a supportive husband: it wouldn't have been possible without his tireless support.

 Today, I will be forever grateful that the Lord has orchestrated every single detail in birthing a breastfeeding support group in the community where I belong to, together with all the families with whom I share the same vision.

From nurturing  four daughters to pioneering a breastfeeding support group, Circle of Breastfriends, I will continue to be of service to those who are in need and hopefully become an inspiration to all moms out there.

 And to serve as a reminder that, against all odds, you are created and designed to nurture your children. Yes, YOU!!! Giving back all the glory, honor & praise to our God Almighty!




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