Breastfeeding stories: Mary Adrianne Ros

Mary Adrianne Ros

Registered Nurse


It was frustrating to know that my body is attacking my own baby, and so we lost two angels before Arya.

Yes, she is our rainbow baby. 

I always envy those with smooth pregnancy. Mine was a weekly battle until finally, God allowed me to deliver a healthy baby!

I thought the struggle was over.

A few days after giving birth, she kept on losing weight and I felt I was not feeding her enough.

 And so I tried formula milk.

 However, we then discovered she had a cow's milk allergy.

 I pursued breastfeeding even more, since the only way to nourish her is through my milk. I did everything from lactation massage, drinks, cookies, malunggay to power pump just to maintain my supply and meet her daily needs.

 Breastfeeding is one of the things I really wanted to do even before having a baby because it gives the optimal nutrition for our babies.

It is hard and exhausting yet it is BEAUTIFUL! A big thanks also to my supportive husband for helping me in this journey.

 The body that used to attack my own baby is the same body that was designed to help nourish my baby. Indeed! It's another miracle!

 I am forever grateful, Lord!


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