Breastfeeding stories: Liane Gabrielle T. Russel

Liane Gabrielle T. Russel

Marketing assistant at BDO Unibank Inc.



I know for a fact that breast milk is healthier compared to formula milk due to its high content of nutrients.

As a first time mom, I always want what is best for my baby and that is the primary reason why I am breastfeeding.

I’m exclusively breastfeeding for almost four months now and I never thought I would make it this far.

 Thanks to my very optimistic mentality on breastfeeding. Like what most researchers say, if you always psychologically think that you have more or enough milk to produce, it will also affect your output.

Aside from that, you also need to take good care of yourself. You have to take your vitamins, lactating drink/capsule, lots of soup, protein, veggies, fruits and other ways so you may lactate.

My greatest challenge is, am I going to produce and store enough milk supply for my baby since I am a working mom? Until when will my breast milk last?

I had to sacrifice my sleep just to pump more milk for her. I had to make some milk stash for her to drink while I’m at work. I only pump excess milk after feeding because I want her to drink more than enough breast milk.

I do unlimited latching while I can and pump the excess milk to avoid engorged breast since she is sleeping for longer hours now.

It is also important for me to drain all the excess milk to increase my milk supply.

I am always keeping my hopes up that I will breastfeed her for a long period of time. I will also take good care of my body in order for me to nurse my baby well.

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