Breastfeeding stories: Juliet Dizon

Juliet Dizon

Solutions Consultant for Hotels & Restaurants



I didn't get to breastfeed my eldest daughter because I wasn't well aware of how to go about it and I didn't have the right mindset.

When I learned I was having twins, I knew I had to try my best to breastfeed.

 I was lucky to find good friends who were breastfeeding advocates and helped me prepare for it.

 I had premature twins who were born at 31 weeks and both had inguinal hernia.

 We were always watching their weights, so they could be released from the NICU, and so they could get surgery for hernia repair.

 I felt my milk was not enough to make them gain weight fast enough.

 So I read a lot about breastfeeding.

 I ate happy, healthy food and galactagogues, and hydrated to increase my milk supply.

 I consulted a local breastfeeding support group (Latch Davao) and they visited me at home.

 I got a lot of encouragement from "breast friends." It helped a lot. It's very important to have a support group. Though not exclusively, I'm happy that until now I still breastfeed at 20 months.

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