Breastfeeding stories: Jiarella Unlayao

Jiarella Unlayao

Civil Servant


At first, it was just a normal thing for me to do: to breastfeed him. It was posted on every wall in the hospital anyway. But as days went by, I began to see the benefits: my son’s great immune system, for one. And what I like most is that it became our bonding.

Whenever I breastfed, I felt so close to him and I just knew that he felt the same. I was able to breastfeed him for almost two years but I think he never fully weaned because he still wants to hold my breasts before going to sleep.

 I had mastitis three weeks post-partum. I had a high fever and they thought I had “binat” from childbirth. But it was found out that the cause of the fever was clogged ducts! Aside from clogged ducts, I had breast abscess.

It was really painful to the point that I wanted to give up on breastfeeding. Also, even though I was breastfeeding my son, people kept on telling me that he was not gaining weight and I should just resort to formula.

 My family, especially my husband and mother, were very supportive throughout my breastfeeding journey.

I think with determination and great support system, you will overcome any struggle.





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