Breastfeeding stories: Jerhona Patena

Jerhona Patena



When I was pregnant with my first child, it never crossed my mind that I will be breastfeeding.

Nobody has introduced breastfeeding to me and this led me to purchase a lot of feeding bottles, sterilizers and formula milk.

Two days after I gave birth, with no surprise, I didn’t find myself lactating.My baby was crying nonstop because we shared the same frustration.

 Everyone in the family was so anxious to the point that I nearly wanted to feed my baby with the formula milk that we bought.

The following day, with God’s grace and my mom’s constant support and reminder that ,"It’s okay, lalabas din ‘yan ang gatas mo. Ganyan talaga minsan", I finally produced my golden liquid and breastfed my baby right away.

 It continued until she was four years old but had to stop when I found out of my second pregnancy.

 A major change happened when my second-born came.

I found breastfeeding more relaxing and quite a relief, too, since I was now producing milk with ease.

I just feel like, as a new and young mom, you really have to embrace motherhood and feel the powerful bond and connection to your child. That is what breastfeeding made me: happy, elated and contented.

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