Breastfeeding stories: Glenna Christina Duch Ramas- Uypitching

Glenna Christina Duch Ramas- Uypitching

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I have two children, one is four years old and another one is a newborn.Unfortunately, with my son and firstborn, I wasn’t very successful with breastfeeding.

So when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my second-born, I prayed hard to have ample milk supply.

 Thankfully, my prayer was graciously granted and now I have enough to breastfeed my daughter.

 Some days I have more than I need that, along with some other breastfeeding moms, I’d share extra milk for  preemie babies.

Breastfeeding is hard, but it’s very fulfilling.

The biggest challenge that I encountered with breastfeeding during the pandemic is that we can’t take our babies with us.

 I’m in charge of running everything in our household, such as doing the groceries, paying the bills, and whatnot.

 Because we have to leave our babies at home, I resort to pumping while I’m out, so I can keep up with a routine.

 Sometimes this can take so much time, that when I finish, either the banks are closed (shortened office hours), other offices are closed, and the lines at the groceries are too long because of shortened hours also.

 Admittedly, we no longer have control over our own time, but are controlled by the pumping/feeding schedule that we have to prioritize. But I always think to myself, this isn’t forever, so if it’s best for my daughter, then it’s a small sacrifice worth making.


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