Breastfeeding stories: Claire Ann Celiz-Pascual

Claire Ann Celiz-Pascual

Pediatrician, Lactation consultant


As a mother, you research about the options for your child and when it comes to feeding him as a baby, I gravitated to breastfeeding immediately.

I would say that my maternal instinct had a play in this.

 I wanted to nurture my child, and breastfeeding was the natural choice.

 The struggle with breastfeeding for me, however, came from the lack of experience with my eldest son.

 Though I had the information, I didn’t know exactly how it felt like as my body transitioned from pregnancy to delivery to breastfeeding.

 At times I felt frustrated and exhausted when I didn’t meet the goals I set for myself.

 Breastfeeding is hard work and takes a lot of patience as the body adjusts to these changes. And I didn’t understand it at that time.

 Determination, information and support were vital players in the success of my breastfeeding experience.

 Of these, support was the most important. You need a village to hold your hand, give you accurate advice and cheer you on! It gives you the extra push you need, and makes everything easier.


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