Breastfeeding stories: Chai Alsola

Chai Alsola

Nissan Marketing Professional



We decided to purely breastfeed our two lovely daughters because aside from being practical and convenient, liquid gold directly provides

antibodies to our precious babies, and thus protects them from viruses and other pathogens.

It is not synthetic, thus saving parents from all the worries of constipation, allergies and the like.

With our first child, breastfeeding was never a challenge to us. My only regret was that I missed the chance to donate my BM to NICU babies. I learned about donating BMs just after I weaned her. So I promised myself that if ever God would bless us with another child, I am determined to donate. Then an answered prayer came, our second one!

Breastfeeding the second bub wasn't as easy breezy as the first because of the way she latched.

 I had blisters and cracks in both nipples during our first weeks and I would always cry because of the pain (even though  I normally have a high tolerance for pain).

I almost gave up on breastfeeding but I reminded myself to the promise and commitment I made.

From then on, we would latch and catch and donate BMs to our local NICUs.

 Happy biological baby, plus happy milk (NICU) babies!


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