Breastfeeding stories: Catherine Castor

Catherine Castor



Financial analyst


I started with low supply and ended up with my baby being needed to be readmitted to the hospital.

 Breastfeeding was painful since my nipples bled from poor latch and there were clogs in both breasts.

 To address my concerns, I sought the help of a lactation consultant who also offered lactation and baby massage.

 My cousins and friends (who are part of Latch Davao) were more than happy to answer my questions or share their experiences.

 I had to adjust my lifestyle and choose what I eat to help establish and sustain my milk supply. I had to minimize sweets (except for the occasional lactation cookies), eat lots of soup, eat laswa (which I don't really like), take supplements and hydrate often.

 Going back to work and building my milk stash was also a challenge. I always needed to do power pumping as I would only have letdown during the start of each session. This helped me get another two to three ounces of milk. Working in a demanding industry with pumping challenges, I decided to pump at my desk while I continued to work just to make sure I did not need to render overtime. My team at that time was understanding of these as well.

 After two years and two months, my breastfeeding journey has come to a close (at least for now). Weaning was easier for the both of us compared to how we started.

 My baby is now six months and sixteen days old. She is enjoying her solid food with mommy's breast milk. I am slowly building my stash for her. I will do anything for my baby girl.

 I am so lucky to have a husband who supports my breastfeeding journey. Support from family and friends is very important to get you through your breastfeeding struggles.



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