Breastfeeding stories: Ariane Dyne M. Payapaya

Ariane Dyne M. Payapaya




 Breastfeeding has ONLY been my choice from the get-go. It is safe, convenient and NUTRITIOUS. Good thing, I have enough supply of milk since Day 1.

Though breastfeeding seemed to be the most ideal way to feed my daughter, it wasn't the easiest either. A few days after she turned one year old, I experienced TERRIBLE NERVE PAIN on my right breast. It could be natural or it could be from the e-pump I used for the first time. I immediately consulted my OB and a Breastfeeding Consultant and they advised me to take some pain reliever and supplement because they couldn't find any problem since the ultrasound result was fine. I didn’t stop breastfeeding because I knew the pain was just temporary. It lasted for a month but it was worth the sacrifice.

One of my motivations to continue every time I feeI tired and every time I feel pain is that I am her mother. I will sacrifice for her through the ease and pain. I don’t mind working from home / staying at home most of the time. As long as she’s fine, then I am fine too!

Now, we are still enjoying our favorite  mother-and-daughter bonding for 30 months: OUR PADEDE SESSION.

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