Breastfeeding stories: Alex Panara

Alex Panara

Team Lead of Lexmark Philippines



I decided to breastfeed because of the many benefits of breast milk, especially protection from various illnesses and the irreplaceable and unique bond it gives me and my baby.

 However, there were breastfeeding struggles:

  1. Full-time job – I tried to maximize the lactation breaks provided by the law. We unli-latched when with
  1. High-lipase milk (expressed milk when stored changes flavor and smell) - It was no big deal for my baby. I am very thankful that she drank my stored milk without
  1. Perceived low milk supply – I accepted the fact that I am a “just enougher” and stopped comparing my pump output to others posted in social media. I produced just enough but never less than what my baby
  1. Mild mastitis – This was resolved by frequent latching on the affected part. It eventually healed on its own with no


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