Breastfeeding stories: Aimee Marie N. Nuñez-Regala

Aimee Marie N. Nuñez-Regala


Pediatrician Breastfeeding Advocate Certified w/ Lactation Management Training




It took us fifteen years, three IUIs, five IVFs, twelve LITs, a hysterosalpingogram, monthly IVIG & intralipid, and an angel baby before we were blessed with our two miracle rainbow babies.

We even tried it in another country but my husband was rushed to the ICU ER for his heart so we had to fly home.

It was a no-brainer to breastfeed.

 I'd give my life for them, and breast milk is the purest form of love. The emotional connection is unlike any other.

I breastfed our first for two and  a half years and only weaned because our IVF doctor asked us to, since I would be on injectables and medications again.

Our baby faced the wall with her arms crossed when our doctor asked her to stop breastfeeding, but she was giggling.

It only took one night of crying and she was weaned.

I tried all galactogogues and my milk was just enough.

Plus, she hated the bottle so I'd take her with me to the clinic and I would breastfeed at the same time with my patients' moms.

 We were at another country when my mom was rushed to the ICU and I had to stay. I wasn’t able to breastfeed since our baby had to fly home, but I pumped at the hospital and brought my milk home.

 When I got home, she resumed breastfeeding. With our second, now I have an oversupply: overflowing liquid gold… a freezer full of milk able to help so many other babies.

 Just think happy thoughts and how much you love your baby and your milk will flow!


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